Oh…and please don’t lean on the screen

My turn to talk…

Back “in the day” when one needed the services of a particular business, they looked things up in the Yellow Pages. Remember? I do! I can remember really needing a sliding door screen repaired about 20 years ago and having difficulty even finding the right category in the phone book. You see, somehow those sweet, little Golden Retriever puppies, Missy & Shadow, had gotten big enough to stand up and lean into the screen with their front paws…and not only separate the entire mesh of the screen from the frame but to tear certain areas of it into little flaps. So, in figuring out how to take care of this, was I supposed to drag out the Yellow Pages and look under  the category heading of “screens,” “sliding doors,” “sliding door screens,” “home repairs,” “repairing screens, ” “contractors”…or… “Help!”…? FYI: I think I finally found someone under the heading of “Handyman”….makes no sense, huh?! Yes, the MAN was HANDY, but what did that have to do with repairing sliding door screens? Get my drift? AND, when this “accident” (yes, for all “bad” things that “good” … think beloved … dogs do can be labeled as “accidents”) happened a second time, I purchased my very own D.I.Y. screen repairing tools, some screen mesh, and an aluminum protective but decorative grate to attach to the bottom of same screen door. Yup, call me “HANDYWOMAN”!

Looking things up is so simple and easy nowadays, thanks to the world wide web! Anyone needing to know about anything can just Google it! I remember lugging the Encyclopedia Brittanica out of the bookcase at my parent’s home to look something up for a school report or project. Not just one book, but a set of about 20 books, labeled alphabetically and categorically by topic. Do young people even know of these reference books anymore? Everything is either Google-ed or Wikipedia-ed, isn’t it?!

Getting back to business…

Let’s say you want to sell your house in Encino fast for cash, you type “sell my Encino house fast for cash” into your Google search bar. It’s that simple! No wondering what category or heading or speciality services to flip back and forth through the Yellow Pages for…searching endlessly…and maybe never being able to get rid of that unwanted property.

Oh…and please don’t lean on the screen…


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Blue Label Properties, LLC is a real estate investment and development company that specializes in helping homeowners. We are not realtors, we are a real estate investment and development company that can buy your house fast with a fast, fair, all-cash offer. We buy houses fast for cash in the Los Angeles - San Fernando Valley area. Need to sell your house fast for cash? Contact us at 213-293-9509. We buy houses in Los Angeles, Encino, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Tarzana, Woodland Hills, Calabasas and other surrounding areas.

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