“Remember to check your pockets!”

I can just imagine it being neatly folded into fourths and then tucked securely into the pocket, tucked deep down into the pocket of an item that I would then (accidentally, ooops!) toss into the washing machine. Perhaps because of the gentleness of the cycle it was washed in, it didn’t wriggle out of the pocket and make itself known right away; however, it had certainly had an excellent opportunity to become thoroughly water logged and oh-so ready to drift out of the pocket…only to later decompose.

What am I talking about? The Kleenex, of course! (Sorry, but a facial tissue will always be a Kleenex to me, as cotton swaps will always be Q-tips!)

Flash to the Laundry Closet: I lean over and pop open the clothes dryer door. There is it! But it is in little bits and pieces … and stuck all over nearly every single clothing item in the dryer. (Sad face) Gasp! Sound familiar? Only good thing about this whole ordeal is that it was a white Kleenex in a load of “whites.” Had it been a white Kleenex in a load of “darks”…. Argh, let’s not even go there!

So, how does one deal with a “mess” like this?

Well, I chose to remove each clothing item, piece by piece, from the clothes dryer and then shake, Shake, SHAKE them…shake them until the little bits and pieces began to fall to the floor. I hung several of the larger clothing items on hangars and then after I pegged them on the metal hanging rack slung over the top of the wooden bi-fold door, I used both of my hands to wipe down the fabric, attempting to downwardly roll the bits and pieces to the floor using kind of a pawing motion of sorts. Then some more shake, Shake, SHAKING after which I chose to tidy up the floor by Dust Buster-ing up the little white bits and pieces. (Hmmm? Will Dust Buster-ing be the new go-to word for cordless portable electric hand vacuum for future generations? Like Kleenex and Q-tips are for my generation.)

Even though I thought I had corralled all the little white bits and pieces, sucking them up inside the DustBuster, they would still, every now and again, rear their little white knubby heads over the next few days, appearing here and there, but thankfully not everywhere. Yup, what a messy ordeal. Things could have been worse though….could have been white bits and pieces on “darks”…ugh!

So…if you are having a “mess” of a financial situation with a Los Angeles – San Fernando Valley house that you need to sell quickly, please reach out and contact Blue Label Properties, LLC. While not quite as easy as the solution of ridding clean laundry of bits and pieces of white Kleenex, we do like to think of ourselves as real estate solutions problem solvers. Call us and let us make you a fast, fair, all-cash offer on your Los Angeles – San Fernando Valley house! 213-293-9509 or visit our website at

Oh, remember to check your pockets!!

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“The Birds and The Bees”

What’s with all the birdies suddenly tweeting so loudly every morning? Did they all just recently sign up for new Twitter accounts?! All the chirping (tweeting?!) that can be heard very early every morning is a true sign that Spring has definitely Sprung in my hometown of Encino.

The evidence of Spring is everywhere! My backyard rose bushes are full of big, fat, ready-to-split-open buds. My petite-sized backyard orange trees are full of almost too many sweet-smelling blossoms—blossoms that seem to arrive fully equipped with their very own supply of uber-busy, furry-legged bees a buzzin’ all around them in search of pollen. I pause to wonder, do bees actually get to taste the sticky nectar that I see dripping from the inner most area of the blossom? Or is that for the birds? Or both? (Ahem, are we now talking about “the birds and the bees”?!)

….as far as all the other assorted flowering plants in my backyard are concerned, they seem to be ready to burst forth into full-petal BL@@M at any moment! While we received hardly any rain this “rainy” season here in Encino, the mere arrival of the first day of Spring on my wall calendar seems to be able to coax the buds and blossoms out of so many plants, even the under-watered ones.

Back to the birds…Oh, those little birdies! They are so busy chirping in all the trees on my neighborhood street every Spring morning. And, yes, there are even a few slightly annoying ones that begin as early as 3:30 a.m. They are the true harbingers of Spring! The early risers! The worm-getters! Their tweets are not too difficult for someone to decipher, if you listen carefully, as they tweet out the good news to their friends….




But then there’s that one tweet….the oh-so-annoying one–


That one! 🙂

Ah well, as much as I don’t like to be awakened so early from my slumber during these first few weeks of Spring, I do very much like to hear the sweet sound of the chirping birds. They give me a reason to smile 🙂 You?

Getting back to business…

Blue Label Properties, LLC has a Facebook business page, belongs to Google+, and is on Linked In, but they don’t have a Twitter account….yet.

So for the time being, we’ll just have to leave it to the tweeting birds to remind you….

If you need to sell your Los Angeles – San Fernando Valley house, for any reason, no matter the condition, contact us and let us make you a fast, fair, all-cash offer.
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