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A real estate investor might be the right choice for you.

Do you want to sell your house quickly but still receive a fair price? Then selling your house to Blue Label Properties, LLC might be your best option. We are a real estate investment and development company and we have the financial resources and experience to close a sale quickly and efficiently. By selling to our company, you can avoid the lengthy and stressful process of selling through a realtor. Read on and learn the key benefits of selling your property to our company.

Avoid Having To Pay Real Estate Commissions

Studies show that the average real estate commission is currently around 5.1%. That means, for example, that on a house priced at $300,000 you can expect to pay $15,000 in commissions. When you sell your home to Blue Label Properties, LLC you won’t need to use a realtor. That means that there is no real estate commission to pay. That’s money that goes in your pocket, not the real estate agent’s.

No Lengthy Selling Process

If you decide to sell your house through a realtor, finding a buyer can take months and in the current market there is no guarantee that you will find a buyer who offers an acceptable price. In contrast, Blue Label Properties, LLC will be able to make you an offer for your house as soon as we have determined a valuation. This means if you sell to our company you will receive an offer very shortly after you meet with us and we have viewed the property.

No Need To Fix The Property up

Need to sell your house fast and no time to fix it? A real estate investor can help!

The current condition of your home will determine how soon you can sell it and the price you receive. If your home is in need of serious work or repairs you may find that you are unable to sell it at all. New home buyers are wary of purchasing a property that needs to be fixed up. They may not have the inclination or the budget to renovate the house themselves. In addition real estate agents may demand that repairs are completed before they will list the property. They know the trouble associated with trying to sell a property in bad repair and so will often not want to commit to selling a property like this. In contrast Blue Label Properties, LLC will be willing to purchase your home even if the property needs repairs or renovation work. We have the experience, resources, and industry connections to renovate your property after you have sold it.

Real Estate Investors Are Professional And Non-Judgmental

A real estate investor can offer personalized solutions.

Purchasing real estate is Blue Label Properties, LLC’s business. As a result we will approach purchasing your property as a professional throughout the process. Blue Label Properties, LLC will not be judgmental about the current condition of your property. This can help you to avoid the potential embarrassment of having an open home for a property which may need work. We will also not ask questions about any financial pressures you may be experiencing which have led to the sale.

Sell Your Property Quickly

Blue Label Properties, LLC will be able to purchase your home for cash or will have financing already arranged. This means that once you have agreed on the price, our company will be able to complete the deal straight away. In contrast if you sell your property through a realtor, their buyer will usually still need to arrange financing. This process can take a significant amount of time. In some cases financing may not be available and the deal will not be able to be completed.

You Know For Certain What Price You Will Receive

Blue Label Properties, LLC is experienced in purchasing property. We will be able to quickly determine the value of your property and provide you with a price that we will pay. This means that you can know in a very short time frame if the price you will receive will be acceptable to meet your needs. If you have a mortgage on the property you will quickly know whether our offer will cover this amount and how much additional cash you will receive.

Blue Label Properties, LLC can provide a fast and reliable sale for your property. By selling to our real estate investment company, you avoid the lengthy process of selling through a realtor. You also avoid having to pay real estate commissions on your property. If you are thinking about selling your property, make sure that you consider whether Blue Label Properties, LLC might be the right choice for you.

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